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Methamphetamine Testing - 17th Jan 2017

Methamphetamine testing to commence 2017:  Methamphetamine (meth) use is prevalent across all sectors of NZ society.  Many professional people are now recreational meth users and the impact this could have on your rental property is serious.   Without doubt some of our tenants will be meth users.  The Tenancy Tribunal has made it clear - Landlords who don’t test for meth contamination in their properties carry a substantial risk.  If a tenanted property is found to be contaminated, the tenants are likely to be awarded a refund of any rent they have paid, be excused from any lease and potentially be entitled to the replacement cost of personal furniture, clothing and other belongings that ‘may’ be contaminated!  From the 1st of January we will conduct meth screening at the beginning of all new tenancies.  We expect (and hope) that none of our properties are meth contaminated.  The cost of each screening test is $55 (plus GST).  This is a substantial saving on what testing companies charge - which can be as high as $560 for a single story 1 – 3  bedroom house.  

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